The New Article Marketing Kid Social Media

Time marches on old school Article Marketing meeting the new kid on the net Social Media.
I want to be the first Internet Marketer to say Article Marketing is old school technology.
It’s slow and has lost its ROI. So if you want to be successful you must change with the times.

I highly recommend you go viral with Facebook, its the air apparent to Article Marketing.
Also, did I mention that you can build your list on FB super fast.

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You Can Become An Info Publisher

Brilliant New Info-Product Creation Guide

If you were told that there was a way you could go from zero to product creation, marketing, sales and success in a just a few weeks and that you could make thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it, would you do it? Sounds crazy?

It’s not. It’s called info-product creation and tons of people have used info-products to find the kind of financial freedom that most only dream about. If you are new to info-products and you don’t know what’s involved, I’m going to show you that you can in fact make your own info-products and you can have a lot of fun doing it.

Info-Product Creation

Info-products don’t just have to be e-books. They can be e-reports, video tutorials, podcasts, webinars and whitepapers. In fact, these are some of the most common info-products. Usually they are grouped together to form a package that offers the ultimate value to customers.

To show you exactly how easy creating and selling info-products really can be, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to show you exactly how it’s done. I’ve packed in all my own knowledge about what really works and what you should avoid.

Pure Profits with Low Start Up Costs

The best part about building up your own info-product empire is that it’s such a low-cost business to start. You really do have the ability to create enormous profits with very little initial cost out of your pocket to get started.
This makes info-products the ideal online business. You only need to create the product once, but you continue to receive income from sales over and over again, for as long as that product remains available for sale.

You don’t have to worry about shipping or delivery costs, because your customers simply download a copy of the original file you uploaded to your webhost. If you set up your info-product business the right way, you should also find it’s really easy to automate the entire sales process.

This is true passive income at its finest.

So, rather than jump in at the deep end on your own, grab a copy of my in-depth, step-by-step guide to creating and selling info-products. I’ll walk you through every step of the way and make it easy for you to create real products that customers will be lining up to buy.

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Social Media Inbound Marketing Virtual Conference

Hi there,

The Internet has profoundly changed the way people research products and shop for products. To connect with today’s buyer, you need to stop pushing your message out and start pulling your customers in. The rules of marketing have changed and you should take advantage of this transformation.

Learn the secrets of new marketing success at HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Virtual Conference, which will tackle a wide variety of Social Media Marketing topics. Go sign up now this is going to be some great free social marketing content.

The timing of this event is perfect because going forward there will be a strong connection between list building and social media networks.

Watch it live from the comfort of your desktop on June 16, 2011 (11am-5pm).
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Don’t Go Broke Trying to Build Your Online Business

Happy New Year!

It’s time to hit the ground running.

It all starts with Spending i.e. Budget Control out with the Old in with the NEW!

Spending the Big Bucks

Are you a serial IM product buyer? Are you spending a arm and a leg in pursuit of an ideal approach to implement your e-business idea? Do you find yourself hitting the BUY NOW button day after day, believing that you’re about to find the missing link in your moneymaking chain?

You’re not the only newbie convinced that the only way to make money involves spending it in copious quantities. Many Newbies are on the buy-buy-buy-and-buy-some-more treadmill.

And that’s totally understandable. It’s entirely reasonable to invest in new strategies and tools to fine-tune your profitable IM enterprises. It’s sane and sensible to invest in new strategy guides to stay abreast of changes in the industry and to get your hands on innovative ideas. Spending that money when you’re struggling is a different story.

Buying new tools to stay ahead of the games is very different from desperately making purchases in hopes of finding ground-level success.

You want to spend your hard earn cash the smart way. You want to avoid being the serial buyer whose efforts only add to his or her debt.

The Right Kind of Purchase

So, how do you avoid becoming the wrong kind of serial buyer? You need to build a solid foundation for your business. If you strip away all of the details, tricks, options and creative new ideas from Internet marketing, it’s a simple proposition.

You must have a product you can sell. You need a way to sell it. You need to secure traffic to the website you’ll be using to generate sales.

That’s it. All of what you do needs to relate directly to one or more of those core basics.

As such, you need to focus on building strength in all three areas. Everything you buy should support your efforts to work on one of those three factors.

You need to build a solid foundation that will allow you to start making instant money online free before you begin worrying about the details. You can start experiencing real IM success after that foundation is in place. Then you can start experimenting with new ideas and products.

How to Build Your Foundation

Getting the core of your business in place doesn’t require a massive investment. Here’s a great approach to getting the job done.

* Develop a holistic understanding of Internet marketing. You can get that kind of perspective from someone with successful IM experience.
* Make traffic a top priority. Traffic is one of the three core needs mentioned above. It’s probably the most important of those three elements. Until you have adequate traffic, you won’t be able to find out if your products are attractive or if your copy is converting. You need as much traffic as you can get–and you need it quickly.
* Discover a continuing source of support and guidance. An ebook can be great. Instructional videos can really help. However, developing a real relationship with a successful mentor is much more valuable than any ebook or video series. Good mentoring increases efficiency, makes it easier for you to build a foundation, and allows you to avoid common mistakes.
* Minimize your exposure. Find a way to accomplish those objectives without putting yourself at risk of substantial loss. Find opportunities to get the essentials at bargain prices. Find a way to develop a valuable relationship with a personal business coach or mentor at a reasonable price.

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Article Marketing And Internet Marketing Go Together Like Hand And Glove By Arlissa B. Pinkelton

Many people think that Internet Marketing and Article Marketing are the same thing. They are not. Internet marketing is like a house with people living in it. Article marketing is like one of those people in the house. Perhaps people use them interchangeably because no internet marketing campaign is complete without the article marketing component. They go hand in hand. The articles are used to market yourself, your website, or your affiliate products. This component is necessary in order to have a total internet marketing campaign.

There are many different ways you can use internet marketing to get your name publicized, but many of them have costs associated. Advertising, even on the internet, is not free. But advertising is free if it’s done through article marketing. Article marketing was around before e-commerce became as large as it is. People have always used print to market themselves. Articles were used in magazines along with small print ads. When utilizing e-commerce and internet marketing, articles are a wonderful way to get your information out and create links back to your website or affiliate products.

Consider the benefits and features of article marketing:

– Article marketing can create links back to your website or affiliate products. The more links you have, the higher of the rank of your site within the search engines like Google. This provides you with more traffic. More traffic equals more people who see your offering and have the potential to purchase.

– Article marketing allows you to establish yourself as an authority as you provide value. You’ll be seen as an authority on the keywords, niches, or subjects that you write about. Once you are seen as a real and honest source of information, your readers will continue coming to you for more.

– The byline or resource box attached to your article is where you’ll give your potential customers the way to communicate with you after they’ve read your valuable and unique content. This creates links to your site, connecting additional traffic to you that you might normally miss.

– Articles can be optimized for search engine ranking which will increase your site traffic as well as improve your page rank within the engines.

These reasons tell us that article marketing is a vital part of any internet marketing strategic plan. Yes. There are a variety of ways to market online, but one of the old, yet still powerful, ways is through articles. People do almost all of their information hunting online. You can utilize well-written, easy to read, unique content with a call to action for your readers to help them get the information they need. You want them to return to your website for more information or products to help them meet whatever their need is.

Article marketing has been around for a long time, yet there are lots of people who are doing it wrong and not getting the results they desire. You can find specialized training on the components of Article Marketing here and start increasing your traffic exponentially.

Article Source:

Arlissa B. Pinkelton – EzineArticles Expert Author

Article Marketing Effectiveness – Has it Changed in the Last Few Years?

By Sean Mize

First of all, let me say this: what I am going to write next is my personal opinion (as is probably most of the content posted on an article marketing site like this). But I want to say that right up front because I know there are many who disagree with me on what I am going to write next.

All of that to say – I understand why you might disagree – but based on my own results with article marketing over the last 4 years, what I am going to write is accurate (and it is my truthful opinion).

The reason I am writing this is that I get asked quite frequently, “has article marketing changed lately?”, or “how has article marketing changed since you began?” or recently I have heard a variation of “have your results gone down in the last few months?”.

The really funny thing is I have gotten that last question probably for the last 2 years! And my guess is that what prompts someone to ask that question is if perhaps their own results with article marketing seem to be suffering. But I have one thing to say to that: if someone has a small number of articles, or especially if they are submitting a small number of articles per month (for example, 5 or 10), it is quite natural for the article views and the article clicks associated with such a small basket of articles, to vary significantly from month to month.

You see, even in my own account, I might average 7 clicks per article (or whatever it is) – but that might mean than with 100 articles I have 700 clicks, for example – but 200 of those clicks might be from one article, another 400 from 10 of the articles, and the final 89 articles account for the final 100 clicks. Well, if I only submitted 10 articles in a month, then there is a real possibility that all the articles would be in the underperforming arena. Or there is a possibility that they might overperform as a group. So there might be lots of flexibility and variability in the performance of a small group of articles, whereas a bigger basket of articles (for example, 100 articles) might give a more consistent performance.

So now I must answer the question about article marketing changing. But first, one more thing – I do believe it has evolved some. In fact, I believe it has evolved for the better.

Because the filters both at the article directories and at the search engines have gotten much better at filtering out the copied, recopied, scraped off the web content – it really makes it so much easier for someone like me who writes, or has an assistant or professional writer write each article – to compete for keyword traffic. Because spam articles are for the most part not coming up in the search engines anymore – so in this aspect, I believe article marketing is much easier than it was 4 years ago.

So, having said that – you probably want more of my opinion!

Well, the next thing I should say is that on a per – article submitted basis – I actually get better results than I did 2, 3 years ago. Of course, that is skewed by the larger basket of accepted articles – meaning that some of my traffic comes from articles written in the past – for example, I still get traffic from articles I wrote 3-4 years ago.

So the real question is – on a per article basis, do I get the same number of average clicks per article submitted?

And best as I can tell (again, it is so hard to compare over time because other elements change, such as the resource box I use [in some cases, I use a resource box that I know will not convert as well in numbers, but converts better in terms of qualified targeted traffic]) – my articles convert just as well, if not even slightly better than they did 3-4 years ago.

Now, please let me clarify. This still doesn’t answer the core question – does article marketing itself work just as well as it did in the past. Perhaps it works better, and my results accurately reflect that. Or perhaps it doesn’t work quite as good – but my own split testing over time (yes, I split test profusely in my article marketing) has improved my own results at a greater rate than the change in the article marketing landscape all together.

My personal, private opinion is that not only is article marketing more efficient today because it is much harder for software and automated processes to hijack search engine rankings, but because I have improved in my technique over the last few years, along with massive split testing in my articles – my own results have also improved.

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How to Find Your Internet Niche In 3 Quick Steps

If you’re confused about niche marketing and don’t know where to start follow these 3 quick steps.
I promise you’ll find your niche. Before you dive in I have to warn you about two niche marketing mistakes 90% of the newbies out there commit.

Niche Marketing Mistake #1

Select the niche others suggest them to embrace

I’ve read countless books and tested close to a hundred info products on niche marketing and all come to one conclusion – select a market you’re passionate about.

That’s why you should never embrace a niche you don’t like just because others claim there’s money to be made in that particular industry.

Niche Marketing Mistake #2

Select a niche with few competitors

That’s BS advice! No offense, but if I were in a niche where I would not be able to team up with others and do joint ventures, ad swaps, cross-promos, guest blog posting, barters and other forms of associations, my business would die sooner than you’d think.

Want to find your Internet Marketing Niche? Take these steps now before it is too late:

Step #1

What is your hobby?

What is it that you’d enjoy doing for the next 3, 6 and even 12 months even if you weren’t get paid to do it?

That’s your niche! With a little research on [e.g. in the books and magazines section], you’d find that even the most obscure niches are lucrative, whether you believe it or not at the moment!

Step #2

What is your skill?

If you don’t have a hobby, you need to have a particular skill or talent, technical, creative or whatever.

Do you like writing? Do you do graphic design? Do you enjoy playing golf? Do you know how to trade Forex?

Whatever you enjoy, you’d be considered an expert in, if you start teaching others to achieve similar results as you did. No need for a diploma, or degree, unless you’re planning to get in the law or accounting niche, which is a real profession!

Step #3

What do you like reading about?

Some of the top experts and consultants out there were self-made. They did not get any school lessons but gather their knowledge from reading books and applying the information.

What is it that you enjoy to read that others would pay with their attention and money to know?

There you have it. 3 quick steps to finding your niche market.

Do you have any questions for me before you start? Post them in the comments section below:

Revolutionary Site Redefines Viral Marketing…

Have you been searching for a way to make money online? Do you have trouble finding products to promote that will allow you to rake in a hefty commission? This is one of the biggest obstacles that any budding Internet Marketer will face.

Calvin Woon and Jonathan Teng know all about the struggles that the Internet marketer faces and have decided to do something about it. These two guys have created dozens of products and software that can be a huge benefit to anyone who is trying to make money on the Internet.

The IM Buzz Software Membership is another brainchild of Calvin and Jonathan. They have taken a membership site and loaded it with software that you can use and even re-brand and sell on your own for 100% commission.

The great thing about the IM Buzz Software is they are offering the Silver Membership plan to you for free. That’s right you will receive free lifetime access on the silver level. This will get you one quality piece of rebrandable software per month. You can use the software for yourself, and you can also re-brand the software with your own links and sell it to make a profit.

However, that’s not all you get with the Silver IM Buzz Software Membership. You will also have access to twelve of Calvin and Jonathan’s previously released software. Once again, you can use this software to make your own Internet business run more smoothly, or you can re-brand it and give it away to build your reputation or you could sell it to make immediate profits. It’s up to you.

But that’s not all you receive when you sign up for this free membership site. You will gain access to video training. This training will take you from the basics to the more advanced methods of making money online. It shows you how to set up domain hosting and how to set up a squeeze page to build a list. There are tons of videos and training materials on this site.

In addition to all of this you will have access to tons of bonuses that are too many to list in this review. IM Buzz Software Membership is definitely a good place to start if you want to really make money on the Internet. Once you get rolling you can upgrade to the gold or platinum membership sites which are paid sites, but you will get access to even more powerful software products that can literally make you rich.

IM Buzz Software Membership site is highly recommended for anyone who is trying to make a living on the Internet. The price is free and you really have nothing to lose with this awesome viral software membership.

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Incredible List Building Strategies Report Builds Mailing Lists at Lightning Fast Speed

Singapore, Singapore (PressExposure) March 02, 2010 — A set of profit-pulling, list building strategies has been causing a stir amongst Internet entrepreneurs who are looking to build up their mailing lists, in a bid to profit from them. The set which is revealed through a report has been proven effective in generating profits from a responsive mailing list.

The report is made available at no cost at, which is run by established internet marketer, James Coe who began marketing on the internet in 1993, starting with AOL. He became a Certified Internet Marketing consultant in just 4 years into his marketing career and is currently holding ten internet technology certifications.

His List Building Strategies report which covers mind-blowing list building strategies to build your own profit pulling mailing list overnight, also unveils a step by step system which anyone can follow to build the lists easily. This power-packed report can easily be sold for a high price, but it is given away for free. James shares his reason behind it and it is because he wishes to teach people ways that reach their goals, and provide their audience more value, build trust, loyalty and generate more rewards for them.

He also stresses the importance of building a mailing list as a means to get on the fast track to a lifetime of online riches, simply because it’s the easiest and fastest way on the net to explode online sales and profits. He also emphasizes “the money is in the list”. Given his vast experience in marketing online, he has realized that list building is essential in achieving success. His list building strategies he reveals are what helps him make ClickBank sales daily.

Julian who has applied James’ strategies attests, “I have never known the importance of building a list and even more so, the potential that each mailing list brings in increasing my sales and profits. The report revealed all that I needed to know and I have applied the system and strategies that James shared. Today, I am finally seeing the results that I have always wanted to achieve ever since I started marketing online.”

List Building Strategies report is definitely a report worth the time of anyone who is interested to find out how to profit from mailing lists and how to start building a list. Discover how the simple task of sending out emails to your subscribers can help you attain financial freedom. The free report is made available at

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Article Marketing Tricks Part 8 – Resource Box Secrets

Article Marketing Tricks Part 8 – Resource Box Secrets
By Jay Jennings

Article marketing is a great way to use simple little articles to drive traffic to your web site. If you’re new to the concept, this is how it works (nutshell version):

Write an article of 300-700 words that deals with a topic your target market is interested in. For example, if your target market is new parents, an article on getting babies to sleep through the night, or an article on store-bought diaper alternatives would be things new parents might care about.

At the end of the article is a paragraph that’s known as the bio box, or resource box. Many people use that to tell about the author of the article.

That’s fine for stroking your ego, but it’s the kiss of death for making sales.

Articles used for marketing purposes are a bit of a different animal than articles you might find in a magazine. They both need to be well-written, but when someone is done reading an article you’re using for marketing, you want them to take another action

…and click through to your web site.

You know the old show business adage, “Always leave them wanting more!” – that’s how you should write your articles. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should just tease people in an article and then offer the real solution on your web page — you should give good value in your article.

But in a few hundred words you obviously can’t go into too much detail. And that’s where your resource box comes into play.

If your article was well-written and provided value to the reader, they will already be primed to want more information. A good resource box will give them a reason to click the link.

A bio box that says, “Jane Doe has been a parent for 14 years and is the president of Moms and Kids Play Group blah blah blah…” may build some credibility for the author, but doesn’t do anything toward the ultimate goal – getting a click to your web site.

On the other hand, if an article on getting a baby to sleep through the night ended with something like this…

“Click here to get a free copy of ’21 Tips To Keep Your New Baby From Driving You Insane’ at Jane Doe’s New Baby Tips web site. Download your copy right away and put the tips to work for you immediately!”

…don’t you think the reader is very likely to click on that link? You bet!

Sure, as an author it’s nice to put something in there about how great you are, but do you want status or do you want sales? An article for marketing purposes is a “direct response” type of ad which means we want the reader to RESPOND after reading the article.

And that means making sure there’s a great reason for the reader to click that link and get to the web site where we can then go for the sale. It’s been said that article marketing is a “give and take” process — the body of the article is your “give,” and the bio box is your “take.”

Make sure what you’ve given to the reader has enough value that they’re chomping at the bit to click on the link in your take. Using a resource box that gets the click is the difference between just writing articles, and real article marketing.

Click here for a free copy of the Article Marketing Power Tips special report with more great ways to use simple little articles to drive traffic to your site. Get it now at the site.

Article Source:—Resource-Box-Secrets&id=3454512

Website Traffic – The Best Set it and Forget it Strategy You Can Use in Your Niche Market

Website Traffic – The Best Set it and Forget it Strategy You Can Use in Your Niche Market
By Jason Nyback

When it comes to getting visitors to your site you are probably looking to use traffic strategies that will give you visitors on total autopilot. In this article I want to show you the best set it and forget it strategy that you can use in your niche market that will give you the most amount of visitors possible.

Getting Traffic From Other Websites In Your Niche!

You have to realize that if you can profitably get other websites in your niche to give you traffic, you will make a lot of money on total autopilot.

The reason that this works so well is because once you get your ad on a site in your niche and it makes you a profit, you have nothing left to do but watch that ad and make sure it keeps working for you.

Once you get one working for you, it allows you to leverage the income you are making from so you can get your ad on another site in your niche.

It does not take long until you will have hundreds of ads on sites all through out your market making you money.

And if you do it the right way and start small, you will be able to build a great base that will allow you to have an automated system that will work for you for years to come.

The most important thing you need to do is to make sure you start out small so you can make a profit off of a few sites… Once you can prove to yourself that it will work, then start rolling it out to all the rest of the sites in your niche.

Article Source:—The-Best-Set-it-and-Forget-it-Strategy-You-Can-Use-in-Your-Niche-Market&id=3879312

The Death of the Link Wheel – Don’t Waste Your Time With Link Wheel Building

The Death of the Link Wheel – Don’t Waste Your Time With Link Wheel Building
By Kenza V Long

As we all know traffic is what can make or brake a website or campaign. Traffic is the holy grail in the internet world and those that can drive traffic make the most money. There have been many different techniques in getting more traffic to websites but over time these methods lose their effectiveness as search engines get wiser and wiser to these traffic building techniques. In this article I am going to show you why link wheels are dead and at the end give you the key on how to get traffic in 2010

Back in 2009 there was a powerful concept called link wheels, link wheels were used to boost search engine rankings. How this works is by having 5 or so blogs powered by high Pr platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Hubpages and the use of some article directories. Then you would create articles on each platform and have them linking to each other, then you would have all of the blogging platforms point to your money page. Last but not least you would then book mark all of your pages.

Wow this method was awesome as Google started boosting the money pages up the Google ranking. The reason for this was because of all the powerful blogging platforms that were linking to the money page.

But then something happened by mid to late 2009 Google got wise and started to de-index these sorts of link wheels. Overnight marketers saw their money pages wiped from Google. So what am I saying? well basically Google spiders can trace where website links go, if they all start linking to each other the spider disregards the links and my not index the page.

The final nail in the coffin for link wheels was that some of the high ranking article directories and blogging platforms got wise to the fact that they were being used and abused by marketers. So many of these directories and blogging platforms have tightened up. One example is that you cannot put links on your posts when using WordPress unless you have posted five pieces of content and on hub pages it’s two.

There have been a few variations of the link wheel method like the URL Wheel and the Images Wheel but as soon as Google gets wise to the new variation it will delete all you hard work in a flash

There are a few linking methods that still work but there are also many easier ways to get links that do not involve all this link wheeling hard work.

Don’t waste another minute on this link wheel building madness Click Here to find out more about the new back linking strategies taking the internet by storm for FREE

Article Source:—Dont-Waste-Your-Time-With-Link-Wheel-Building&id=3784274

Article Marketing Tricks #7 – Targeting the Buzz

Article Marketing Tricks #7 – Targeting the Buzz
By Jay Jennings

Here’s the 7th secret to making article marketing pay off for you, I call it Targeting the Buzz.

This technique requires you to make regular visits to the forums where your target market hangs out. The problem with that is it can become a real time sink — there are thousands of people who spend so much time interacting in the forums that they never actually build their internet marketing business.

Targetting the Buzz is a great technique, but be aware of that potential problem so you can avoid it.

No matter whether you’re hanging out in marketing forums, racing forums, or dog training forums, certain topics of conversation kind of take on a life of their own. Some new strategy comes along and it seems that’s all people are talking about for weeks or even month at a time.

Eventually it kind of dies down, often because some other topic is taking it’s place and becoming all everybody talks about.

Here’s the Secret

Whatever the buzz is that’s happening in a forum, that’s what you target with a new set of articles.

Then when someone asks a question that’s answered in one of your articles, mention that you’ve written an article that answers that and provide a link to the article.

At the bottom of the article you can either have a pitch for your product, or an opt-in page. I think this technique is actually better suited to build your list rather than sell a product, but either one will work.

If your article answered their question, offer 3 or 4 more articles that give more information on that topic if they opt in to your list. You’ll find the opt-in rate in a situation like this is far above what you’d normally get.

And, once they’re on your list then you can pitch a product that’s in line with the topic. If you go straight for the sale you won’t have any way to follow up with them afterwards.

More Than A List Builder

There’s another benefit with this technique than just building your list — although that’s a gold mine right there. Since you’re an active participant in the forum, and you continually provide the members with good, free content in the form of articles, you’re going to gain a reputation that will serve you well in the future.

Start testing this technique right away — in the forum where you usually hang out, is there some topic of interest that’s been building? Does it seem like everyone’s talking about it? Sit down and write a few articles giving some good, detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions. Then, watch for people asking questions that — at least mostly — are answered in your article and post a link!

You may be thinking that the questions being asked have already been answered and so there’s no desire for an article. However, if you notice, new people come in and ask the same questions over and over again — someone has to answer them, so it may as well be you.

Plus, most posts written in forums aren’t as thorough as an article, so your “version” of the answer has some good value added built in.

Give it a shot — start targeting the buzz and see how that type of article marketing can really help build your list.

There’s more to article marketing than most people think. Get a free copy of the Article Marketing Power Tips special report at Article Marketing Explained and see how simple little articles can drive pre-qualified, targeted traffic to your site. Visit the site now.

Article Source:—Targeting-the-Buzz&id=3367852